Children — our future. Such child who receive love, proper care, spiritual education — can do many things for family, own country and whole word. You can help  receive children  beautiful education in loving atmosphere. Become a part of our organization: In India, Nepal, Ukraine we will open house where orphans can get free education.

Life has a meaning if we can share our happiness with others. Many children in the world do not have parents and do not have possibility get good education.

Become apart of good changes in the world.  Increase happiness in the world. If you can teach, donate and serve with loving and kind mood — please contact us by this number + 380631954833

Happiness of spiritual life  — make people healthy, peacefully, self satisfied, more loving by receive knowledge about themselves and using it in daily life.  Our mission  — that as much as possible people live consciously, generated and receive love.  Knowledge about the soul and participation in  spiritual events — make your life beautiful.

Helping in spreading spiritual message — it is sign of good karma.  Be part of our wonderful organization: by participating in vedic festivals, seminars, yajnas, spiritual journey and another programme. Together we can do many things.

If you can help us by donating money for printing spiritual books, organizing spiritual events, donating money for sadhu and education for orphans — please contact us on this number +380631954833